The following optional Q-signals were gleaned from various postings
found in mail lists, groups, and forums:

QBA - My antenna is BIG!
QBA? - How big is your antenna?

QBO - Don't sit next to that guy in the meeting.
QBO? - Buddy, can you spare some soap?

QBS - It's getting deep in here.
QBS? - Did I tell you about ........?

QCW - I am going to whistle Morse Code on FM (or SSB)
QCW? - Why are you whistling Morse?

QDR - Damn Right the frequency is busy! (In response to QRL)
QDR? - Do you have a Receiver?  (In response to QRL)
  also see QFH, QFO, and QFU

QET - Phone home.

QFH - This frequency is MINE! - go elsewhere.
QFH? - Is this frequency hogged?
QFO - alternate to above
QFU - another alternate to the above

QHI - I am jumping in quick to say hi, then going QRT.
QHI? - Are you leaving after only one transmission?

QLF - I am sending with my left foot.
QLF? - Are you sending with your left foot?

QOK - Your last transmission was Okie Dokie.
QOK? - Was my last transmission OK?

QPB - I am going to take a potty break.

QPH   - I am going to Pizza Hut at (followed by time) (Quick Pizza Hut)
QPH? - What time are you going to Pizza Hut? (Quiry Pizza Hut)

QRC - Warning, rag chewer on frequency.
QRC? - Are you a rag chewer?

QWC - I don't care.
QWC? - Who cares?

QRXYL - Repeat - my wife was talking.

QZZ - I fell asleep at the mike.
QZZ? - Is that a 60Hz hum, or are you snoring?

QYY - Yada yada.